2013 Scholarship Application

Chamber Offers Scholarship Opportunity to

 Newton and Needham Seniors


The Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce is comprised of local businesses who acknowledge their responsibility to give back to the community by supporting the Chamber and its programs.  Consequently the Chamber recognizes the value of students achieving at a high level academically while at the same time giving back to their community through service.

The Chamber is pleased to offer this scholarship opportunity to a deserving student living in either Needham or Newton and intending to attend an accredited college or university.  The student(s) selected will have a check for $1,000 sent to their college or university to be applied toward tuition upon successful completion of their first semester.

Selection will be made by a panel of local business leaders who will review all applications completed by the submission deadline of May 8, 2013.  Decisions will be made based on a combination of the applications completeness and accuracy, student transcripts, letter of recommendation and responses to essay questions.

The Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit business organization consisting of more than 500 businesses in the Newton-Needham area.  The Chamber is an advocate for business and offers programs for networking and advertising of local business.  For more information, please contact Karen Cherson at 617-244-5300 or info@nnchamber.com

Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Criteria:


1.         The applicant must fulfill high school graduation requirements as part of the graduating class of 2013.

2.         The applicant has been accepted to accredited college or university and plans to attend that institution full time during the 2013 Fall Semester.

3.         The applicant must be a resident of Newton or Needham even if matriculating elsewhere.

4.         The application must be submitted by your principal or guidance counselor to the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce and sent to the Chamber by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday May 8, 2013

5.         The applicant must present proof of successful completion of their first college semester. Scholarship payment will be sent to the school to be applied towards tuition or related costs.  (Approximately January 2014)

6.         Criteria to be considered by committee in making the award:


  • Interest in pursuing a business or related academic discipline at the undergraduate college level.
  • A compelling secondary school ‘story’ that need not be unique so much as one that shows the attributes and character necessary and desirable to understand and to face the competitive challenges and opportunities in today’s business world.
  • Recommendations from teachers, guidance counselors, and others who have worked with the graduate and can comment on the individual applicant.



Instructions to Applicant:


Please complete pages 2 and 3 of this package and return to the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce along with the required Essay of not more than 250 words and a Letter of Recommendation from a teacher, employer, guidance counselor, or other person other than a relative.  You may submit up to three such Letters of Recommendation.


Do not fold these materials but rather submit flat them in a large manila envelope with postage stamps attached.  Address the envelope to:


Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce

ATTN:  Scholarship Committee

281 Needham St.

Newton, MA.  02464


Please submit the stamped and addressed envelope and enclosed materials to your Guidance Counselor and request that he or she include a copy of your official transcript and a statement to the effect that you are expected to graduate as part of the graduating class of 2013.


Request that the Counselor assure that the envelope be sealed and returned to the Chamber of Commerce prior to 5:00 PM on Wednesday May 8, 2013.


All information contained in the submittal will be kept confidential.


Instructions to Principal/Guidance Counselor


We have instructed the scholarship applicant to provide you with a stamped, addressed envelope containing a completed scholarship application, an essay and a letter or letters of recommendation in support of the application for a scholarship.  We would appreciate your providing the applicant’s official transcript, including midyear senior grades and rank in class if available, and a statement that the student is expected to graduate as part of the class of 2013.  The envelope should already be addressed to the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce as follows:


            Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce

Scholarship Committee

281 Needham Street

Newton, MA 02464


The applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday May 8, 2013.  

Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.  In the event that one of your students should receive a scholarship, you will be notified as soon as possible. For further inquiries or questions, please contact Karen Cherson at the Chamber at 617-244-5300.