Board of Directors

Rachel Hillman Foy - color Rachel Hillman Foy - black and white

Rachel Hillman Foy

Chair Hillman Homes

Chris Teachout - color Chris Teachout - black and white

Chris Teachout

First Vice Chair Needham Bank

Linda Sloane Kay - color Linda Sloane Kay - black and white

Linda Sloane Kay

Clerk, Century Bank

Walter Tennant - color Walter Tennant - black and white

Walter Tennant

Treasurer R.L Tennant Insurance

Barry Brown - color Barry Brown - black and white

Barry Brown

Vice Chair, Mount Ida College

Joseph De Vito - color Joseph De Vito - black and white

Joseph De Vito

Vice Chair, The Village Bank

Seana Gaherin - color Seana Gaherin - black and white

Seana Gaherin

Immediate Past Chair Dunn-Gaherin’s Food and Spirits

Devra Bailin - color Devra Bailin - black and white

Devra Bailin

Town of Needham

Dan Elias - color Dan Elias - black and white

Dan Elias

New Art Center

Bruce A. Gold - color Bruce A. Gold - black and white

Bruce A. Gold

Abrams Little-Gill Loberfeld, PC

Elizabeth Grimes - color Elizabeth Grimes - black and white

Elizabeth Grimes

Ligris & Associates

Mark Jeffery - color Mark Jeffery - black and white

Mark Jeffery

Boston Marriott Newton Hotel

David Lawson - color David Lawson - black and white

David Lawson

New England Cable News

Peter Leavitt - color Peter Leavitt - black and white

Peter Leavitt

Eastern Advertising, Inc.

Josephine McNeil - color Josephine McNeil - black and white

Josephine McNeil


Kurt Ochalla - color Kurt Ochalla - black and white

Kurt Ochalla


Kevin Ruddy - color Kevin Ruddy - black and white

Kevin Ruddy


Samantha Sherman - color Samantha Sherman - black and white

Samantha Sherman

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham

Mark Sokoll - color Mark Sokoll - black and white

Mark Sokoll

Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston

John Spino - color John Spino - black and white

John Spino

Dwyer, Ruggieri, Spino & Goncalves, LLC

Allison Yee - color Allison Yee - black and white

Allison Yee

The Street/W.S. Development

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