Certificate of Origin

The Newton-Needham Regional Chamber certifies certificates of origin for exporters shipping products out of the country.

Certification is available at the chamber office, 281 Needham Street, Newton, during normal business hours 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, but please call ahead – 617-244-5300 as periodically our office closes due to an off-site event.

Certificate of Origin stamps are available free of charge to members of the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber. There is a $50 per document fee for non-members. (For more information about joining the chamber, and other member benefits, click here). 

Please adhere to the following steps to insure timely processing of your certificate of origin:

  • Certificates of Origin must be filled out completely and notarized before being presented to the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber.
  • You are responsible for understanding the specific documentation requirements for the destination country of your shipment, as these rules may vary. A standard certificate of origin form as well as other standard export documents can be found on export.gov
  • The product information listed must match verbatim what is on the invoice. Do not leave off numbers, quantities or descriptions.
  • We do not recommend waiting until the day of your shipment to bring in your certificate.
  • The Newton-Needham Regional Chamber reserves the right to refuse any document they feel does not meet the stated guidelines.

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