Chamber Mission

The mission of the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce is to create a climate of growth and success for our community through a collaborative and integrated approach utilizing business, community and government resources.

To accomplish this, the Chamber will:
• Identify and, at times, take the lead on our community’s top business, civic and social priorities.
• Advocate on behalf of local business
• Inform, educate and when appropriate, inspire action around relevant business issues.
• Connect business people to one another and to community leaders
• Adhere to recognized management and financial best practices

Chamber Brand Essence

The branding statement for the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce comes from the ACCE National Image Campaign – Leading Businesses. Leading Communities.

Leading Businesses

• Reflects the historic success and core equity of the Chamber.
• What businesses become as a result of participation in the Chamber.

Leading Communities

• The expanded role that the Chamber plays in the host communities.
• What communities become as the result of hosting a strong healthy Chamber.

4 Key Messages

• Economic Opportunities – The Chamber enhances and leverages the talents and resources of its members to improve economic opportunities for all. The Chamber conducts a number of networking events, member discount programs, group buying programs and educational seminars. • Advocacy – The Chamber is an advocate for its broad and diverse member businesses, creating a climate of growth and success that benefits all. Examples of advocacy activities include lobbying, coalition-building, publicly representing business/community interests (in any forum), community promotion/marketing, and educational seminars.
• Impact – The Chamber provides unique opportunities for individuals and businesses to make a difference by connecting them to important community issues. The Chamber provides opportunities to meet with top leaders business and government, establishes community leadership programs and mentoring programs.
• Focus – The Chamber helps build stronger communities by staying focused and involved in the top business, civic, and social priorities of the host communities. The Chambers role is to provide research, education, priority and advocacy for top local issues.