Referral Networks

Referral Exchange Networks provide forum for generating sales leads.

Building on the success of the popular Newton Needham Networking Group (also known as ‘N3G’), the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce has created four additional Referral Exchange Networks (REN’s) as a benefit to its active members.  The Chamber now offers a total of five REN’s and is actively growing the number of participants in each of these four groups.  If you are interested in learn more about the Chamber’s REN program, contact the NNCC office at 617-244-5300 or by email at

REN groups have evolved as an extremely popular business development technique where participants can increase sales and grow their business with the passing of qualified business referrals and leads within the group.  Members within the REN develop and solidify personal business relationships in this structured networking environment and because of those deep relationships have a high degree of confidence in the referrals they make.  There is an expectation established within the REN that individual members will strive to achieve a certain threshold of qualified referrals each month or quarter.  Participation in a REN group is by invitation of the group and only one profession, occupation or specialty is allowed per group.

We are actively recruiting additional participants in all five of the Chamber REN Groups.  If you would like to sit in and observe one of our REN Group meetings, or to speak to one of our REN Group leaders, complete the form below.

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