Energy savings, budget certainty available to Chamber members

The Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce has entered into a collaborative partnership with the James Devaney Fuel Company of Newton to assist members in understanding the deregulated electricity and natural gas market opportunities that are available here in Massachusetts. Competitive energy markets offer the potential for significant savings and price stability on energy bills compared to the “basic service” rates that a public utility must offer to their customers who choose not to take advantage of these competitive supply programs. Drawing on their 77 years in the fuel oil business, James Devaney Fuel Company has become a leader in advising clients in the deregulated electricity and natural gas markets. They have created a full brokerage service operating out of its Newton, MA headquarters. The company is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy to provide energy brokerage services.

Under the deregulation laws, local electric and natural gas utilities have a remaining interest in the delivery and distribution of electricity and natural gas. They remain regulated in terms of what they can charge for the distribution of these products and are obligated to deliver electricity and natural gas at the same price, regardless of which company supplies it. The result has been a significant growth in competition among natural gas and electric suppliers which in turn has driven down prices. Deregulation has opened up the energy markets for commercial consumers to buy electricity and natural gas supply from suppliers other than their local utility.

“Deregulation of the energy markets has brought some great opportunities and it has also brought a great deal of confusion”, said Michael Williams of James Devaney Fuel. “Our goal is to help our customers understand the deregulated energy markets and to help them take advantage of opportunities when they arise. We will assess your personal situation; discuss the options that are available to you and will help you make the right decision when purchasing your energy.”

The chamber will assist in promoting the opportunities for energy savings and educating its members on the type and degree of savings that are possible. This will include case studies and testimonials from current members who have taken advantage of these programs for their energy needs. James Devaney Fuel Company will provide complimentary customized energy consulting and advisory services to explore the unique opportunities for each specific business and organization.

For more information on competitive energy markets and your fuel oil needs, contact Michael Williams at 617-213-8542 or or Tom Kilbride at 617-213-8524 or