Certificate of Origin

The Newton-Needham Regional Chamber certifies certificates of origin for exporters shipping products out of the country.

Certificate of Origin stamps are available free of charge to members of the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber. There is a $50 per document fee for non-members. (For more information about joining the chamber, and other member benefits, click here).

You are responsible for understanding the specific documentation requirements for the destination country of your shipment, as these rules may vary. The Newton-Needham Regional Chamber is merely able to provide an authentication for your certificate. We do not provide notary services, nor can we provide guidance on what specific documentation may be required.  If you have questions, we recommend contacting the Massachusetts Export Center which provides resources and training for companies. Visit their website at mass.gov/export or call 617-973-8664.  

Certification is available at the chamber office, 281 Needham Street, Newton, during normal business hours 9 a.m. ā€“ 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, but please call ahead ā€“ 617-244-5300 as periodically our office closes due to an off-site event.

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