Newton-Needham Regional Chamber

A new way for members to help members. 

At our core, the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber is about community. Our 900-plus member businesses and nonprofits recognize that when we collaborate, everyone’s bottom line -- and our region -- benefits. As they say, all ships rise with the tide.

So where does that leave us these days?

We’re all experiencing new challenges and an uncertain future. But we’re also witnessing an outpouring of support, generosity and partnership. To respond, adapt and recover, we’ll go a lot further if we share ideas and experiences through the exchange of professional advice and expertise.

That’s why we’ve launched this mentorship program. Mentors will be able to provide much needed professional advice and knowledge while cultivating leadership skills and expanding their professional network. Mentees will be able to tap into an experienced professional to gain expertise on a specific opportunity or challenge facing their business. Ideally, both will gain new insights and perspectives.

If you believe you have something to offer, or if there’s some way you need help (or both), this program is for you.

Any chamber member is eligible to apply to be a mentee or a mentor through the application form below. Mentees and mentors will be vetted and matched by the chamber for a one-hour session. All we ask is that you don’t use your initial mentoring session as an opportunity to sell a specific product or service and that you respect each other’s time and confidentiality.

To apply, click on either of the links below.



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