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Facilitated Networking Groups 

Participants in the chamber’s facilitated networking groups meet once or twice a month (at various times/locations) to exchange referrals, discuss business best practices and/or build relationships. Open exclusively to chamber members, the groups are led by fellow members and fall into two categories: Small Networking Groups and Affinity Groups

Small Networking Groups 

Increase sales, grow your business with the passing of qualified business referrals and leads, share best practices and resources or engage in business development training. 

Only one profession, occupation or specialty is allowed per group and an individual may only be in one group. If you would like more information about opportunities, contact the group leader directly. 

Newton-Needham Networking Group (N3G)

Meets every other Tuesday, 8 a.m. via Zoom

Contact: Kim Calvi kim@bostonedits.com

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Wednesday Afternoon Roundtable

Meets every other Wednesday 4 p.m.

Contact: John Patrick Foley john@e-3-fp.com

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current openings: CFO for hire, bookkeeper, contractor, family law attorney, estate planning attorney, payroll specialist

Newton-Needham Business Professionals

Meets every other Thursday 7:30 a.m.

Contact: Michelle DeSimone mdesimone@needhambank.com

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Lead Developers



Lead Developers

Meets every other Friday 9 a.m.

Contact: Donna Lynch donna.lynch@kw.com or Sharon Schoffmann sharon.schoffmann@prudential.com

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If you can't find a spot, but are interested in hearing about future openings or new groups, email Katherine Herer or call 617-916-9064.

Affinity Groups

These groups meet monthly, are run by chamber member group leaders and open to any chamber member who works within the designated sphere/ industry. Multiple members from a single occupation, specialty, or profession are permitted.

Health and Wellness Networking Group

Meets monthly every third Tuesday,  8:30  to 10 a.m. via Zoom

A free, members-only benefit for professionals within the health and wellness sphere this affinity group is an opportunity for chamber members who work for health-related organizations to network, collaborate and learn from each other. Members develop professional relationships, discuss timely topics, and perhaps hear from occasional guest speakers/ industry experts.

For more information about the next meeting email Julie Norstrand, MS, MSW, PhD at julie@helpmyagingparents .net

Creative/Digital Marketing Networking Group 

Meets monthly on the third Thursday, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. via Zoom

A free, members-only benefit for business owners and professionals within the creative marketing sphere. This includes all businesses focused on PR, Digital Marketing, Video, Photography, Web Developers, Copy Editing/Writing or professionals who have a marketing role in a non-marketing industry.

This affinity group is an opportunity for chamber members who work within the marketing ecosystem to network, collaborate, learn from each other and develop working relationships for referral opportunities. The agenda typically includes industry topics, business challenges conversations, member presentations, and the occasional guest speaker/ industry expert.


For more information and to attend the next meeting contact Angela Pitter (angela@livewirecollaborative.com) or Kim Calvi (kim@bostonedits.com

Targeted networking events are also offered for our real estate, legal, education and nonprofit members periodically throughout the year. 

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