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April 11, 2016 Likes Comments

Food truck proposal would drastically alter rules in Needham

A citizens' petition has been filed for May's annual Town Meeting which would revise Needham's food truck by-law to allow food trucks in Needham Center (adjacent to the Town Common) and Needham Heights (adjacent to Avery Square Common).

Food trucks are presently allowed only in designated areas of the Needham Crossing section of the N-Squared Innovation Corridor. This new proposal would also reduce the annual fee from $1000 for a season to $250 and reduce the required distance from a mortar and brick restaurant from 200' to 15', which could potentially place a food truck directly in front of a restaurant.

This proposal is of concern to the Chamber because we believe it provides unfair competition to Needham's brick and mortar restaurants, who pay taxes and other fees far in excess of what a food truck operator would contribute.

Needham's Board of Selectmen will be holding a hearing on food trucks on May 4th (time TBA). We will keep you posted on this proposal as it develops and I welcome your input.


Greg Reibman


Newton-Needham Chamber



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