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August 10, 2017 Likes Comments

Lennon: I know this city well

By Scott Lennon

I am running to be your mayor because I have the qualifications, attitude, and vision to be an effective public partner to our private industry. As a lifelong Newtonian, I’ve come to know this city very well. I got my first taste of business management when I joined the Board of Directors at the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club at the age of 25. Over my 20-year career, I have honed my skills as a financial manager and tested leader in a variety of environments.

Currently, I oversee a $70 million budget at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, where I work every day to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. This responsibility has given me a deep appreciation for chamber members, who not only manage their own commercial enterprise but choose to help others in our community do the same.

After 16 years in public service, I still feel I owe this city. Newton has given my family so much, and I am running for mayor because I want every resident to have the same experience my family has had. I make the same commitment to you that I have made to every one of the thousands of people I have met so far this year – this is the beginning of an open line of communication. I am eager to hear your ideas on economic development, zoning reform and permitting needs, because you and your businesses are the economic engine of our city and your success translates to success for Newton as a whole.

I envision a city government that operates around five core values: welcoming, responsive, interactive, transparent and sustainable. If we are a city that welcomes all people and points of view, responds to concerns in a timely manner, invites residents and businesses to be a part of the decision-making process, makes those processes open and transparent, and promises to be good stewards of our resources, I believe we will have a city people are proud to live and work in.

This vision will be successful with the business and community leaders of Newton as partners. You understand the economic value of leadership, what a strong and steady hand at the helm can do for a community like ours. I have seen it myself in serving as city council president since 2010. My fellow councilors nominated me to this post three consecutive times without opposition, because attending to the details of government is what I enjoy and do best. Working alongside Mayor Warren and regional organizations like the chamber, we have seen strong growth in our city with the potential to grow even more.

As your mayor I will work in partnership with the chamber to ensure members have a strong voice within city government. I will seek new business for the N2 Innovation District, Charles River Mill District and other areas throughout our city. My administration will also continue to work collaboratively on the re-design of our zoning laws so we are prepared for 21st century investments.

I sincerely believe that my experience as a financial manager and city official, your knowledge and input as business owners and community leaders, and the feedback from other stakeholders can power the next economic boon for the city of Newton. I’d encourage you to visit my website,, where I discuss our need for a city-wide commercial space strategy and my promise to work with state officials to increase transportation options within Newton.

I got into public service because I wanted to give back to the city that has given my family and I every opportunity to succeed. Many of you started your business here for the same reason. So let’s work together to continue that great tradition for Newton.

Thank you all for your contributions to our community. I hope to earn your vote on Sept. 12.


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