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March 21, 2017 Likes Comments

Mayors Warren and Walsh both release ambitious transportation plans

A top goal of Newton Mayor Setti Warren’s just released transportation plan, “Newton 2040: A Transportation Strategy for Newton,” is to not just make it easier to move through the city, but to transform Newton into a place that is safe, smart, accessible, livable and sustainable.

Turning this vision into a reality will mean a broad set of changes designed to stop people from thinking of travel by a specific mode, but instead just think about the easiest way to get to their destination.

The plan, created through the Newton Planning Department along with Transportation Director Nicole Freedman, aims start with five key priorities:

  • Road Improvements – The plan calls for $100 million in road improvements over the next decade. When the city studied roads with StreetScan technology it found a number of problem that need immediate attention.
  • Village Focus – A series of upgrades are planned for Newton’s villages with a focus on safety and beauty. Many of those in the plan cluster in the areas bordering the Mass Pike between West Newton and Newton Corner.
  • Bikes -- Both bike sharing and bike lanes will see a lot of attention. This includes better bike facilities at transit hubs.
  • Shared Transit – There are a lot of new technologies around surrounding ride hailing, ride sharing and bus systems. All get attention in this plan, but the city does plan to pilot at least one public-private partnership for a shared shuttle service within 18 months.
  • Smart Parking – This is all about data. The more we know about where, when and for how long people park, the better we can optimize parking to create a better business environment for everyone.


Mode for Commute Today 2030 Goal
Public Transit 33% Up by a third
Walk 1.45% Up by almost half
Bike 1.9% Increase 4x
Drive alone 40.6% Down by half


Mode for Commute Today 2040 Goal
Public Transit 13% 23%
Walk 4% 9%
Biking 1% 6%
Driving 73% 53%

MAPC Region of 101 Cities and Towns

Mode for Commute Today 2030 Goal
Public Transit 39.6% Up by a third
Walk 1.5% Double
Bike 1.1% Increase by 4x
Drive alone 49.5% Down by half

The plan, which was created after a year’s worth of input from the community, is available online at

The chamber will hosting a series of programs this spring designed to introduce Newton’s transit plan and to allow businesses to provide feedback.


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