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August 19, 2019 Likes Comments

Uber, Lyft use up nearly 25 per cent

Newton residents took 1,292,503 Lyft or Uber rides in 2018, a 23 percent jump from 2017. That means a Lyft or Uber ride originated in Newton on average 3,541 times a day last year, according to figures from the state Department of Public Utilities, which is approximately 4 percent of the vehicle trips in Newton per day.

As a result the city will receive $129,250 from the 20 cent per ride assessment charged by the State to the Transportation Network Companies (Lyft and Uber). The assessment is split with 10 cents going to municipalities where the rides originated, and 10 cents to the State. The funds can be used to repair and maintain streets and infrastructure.

Uber and Lyft usage in Newton is fifth in the state, with Boston topping the list of most Lyft and Uber trips followed by Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline.

“We will need to weave the impact of ride sharing services into our transportation strategies and future regulations,” Newton Mayor Ruthann Fuller wrote in a recent email to residents.“Cars aren’t all Newton residents are sharing. Since the bike share program started last August, 3,125 riders have taken 10,679 trips and gone 8,595 miles on Lime Bikes for a median distance of .4 miles and 8 minutes per ride.”

According to the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Uber and Lyft drivers circulating through Greater Boston’s streets siphons $20 million each year from the MBTA.


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